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ready-and-shootOnce the subject is chosen the process starts. The next big step is getting ready for the photos shoot. Here are also there are a lot of questions that you must answer and find out the correct way of going about it. The preparation for the photo shoot is important so that you don’t end up with photographs which will end up in a box. The process of getting ready for the photo shoot is very straightforward.

The first question should be “what is the purpose of the photo shoot?” Just like understanding the subject, understanding of purpose of the photo shoot is very essential. The purpose will define the type of pictures that you should take. In other words, you should know where your photographs are going to be used and how. Why are you interested in that particular subject? Once you understand these things you will not waste time in taking photographs which will not be usable later. This will save a lot of time and effort. If you are clear about the use, you can focus much better on certain compositions which will work for that purpose. For example if your purpose is to shoot a photograph for your local newspaper, you know that they will except only one or two photographs so you should not be wasting a lot of time checking every possible thing that you see. Instead you will observe carefully and take pictures on those important event’s or subjects.

The next thing that should be considered after understanding the purpose is” how many photographs are required”. Do you need photographs for a photo exhibition or do you want a single picture for the cover page of your local magazine. This will define the number of photographs. If this thing is clear, after the photo shoot you will never be short of photographs if you need a large number, and also you will not have too many photographs if you require just a few.

36 Two RhinosAfter deciding the purpose and the number of photographs, the next step is to distribute this number into different sections. Your theme should have various sections light overall establishment picture, the main story, inciting moments and then conclusion. Once you take photographs which will fit into all the sections you will be through with your story. The aim here is to take the images which will be easy to understand and convey a meaningful story to the audience.

Plan ahead. In just two words you can sum up the entire requirement for the photo shoot. You should always plan ahead for any photo shoot keeping in mind that timing, availability of the subject, lighting conditions and visual appeal can change depending on a lot of circumstances. For example if you’re planning on taking photographs of historical monuments, going there on a holiday can create a little bit of problem as it might be overcrowded and you will not get clear shots of the monument. These are very small things but they have to be considered when you are striving for perfection.

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